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    About Us

    Graphite HRM has been established in Dublin, Ireland for
    15 years and now remains a division of the Peninsula Group,
    the leading specialist in HR and Safety compliance.

    Employers' major source of concern is how they make sense and
    practically implement what the law says they must do, in order to
    be compliant and free from litigation risks.

    Graphite works with all industry sectors and all company sizes,
    at all levels, which means we know our market. With our leading
    edge HR and safety advice, our clients are secure in the
    knowledge that Graphite is the right partner for them.

    The graphipedia provides an all-inclusive guide to best practice in
    HR policies and procedures. Each chapter identifies policy, procedure
    and the law as the essential elements for achieving best practice standards in any size of business. Access to this information online and the support from unlimited advice means employers can focus on growing their business whilst we look after their HR.